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Friday Night Update

Well, I had hoped to be able to give everyone a forecast that I was confident in, but I just can't. Today’s weather data has been complete garbage, which doesn’t surprise me in the least. I look at four main computer models, and here’s approximately how much snow each model is projecting: Model A: 2-3 inches. Model B: 4-5 Inches. Model C: Less than 1 inch. Model D: 1 Inch. Overall, today’s data has agreed on one thing, which is bringing a weaker low-pressure system into our area, which would decrease our snow potential. I think we are looking at an inch or less based on the data that I have examined this afternoon. With a weaker system and warm ground temperatures, I find it hard to believe that we see anything more than 1 inch. I know this is disappointing for snow lovers, but I don't control the weather, I merely relay the message from mother nature. The potential for this forecast to change is very high as we are currently still 48 hours away. The night data is starting to roll in now; lets see the data improves. Until then, I have provided a map below with data from the WPC, which would indicate what areas have the best potential for accumulating snow at this moment.


Stay tuned for updates!

Corey HoukComment