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Sunday Morning Update

Good morning all! I have a very complex forecast for you, so im going to break it down for you the best way I can.

Scattered rain showers will continue throughout the morning before a more solid wave or rain moves in this afternoon. Temperatures will drop below freezing by this evening, changing any rain to snow. Ground temperatures are above freezing, and snow looks to only last for 3-4 hours after temps drop below freezing, so this would limit snow accumulations to around a half inch.

HOWEVER, here is what we need to keep an eye on. If temperatures start dropping faster OR heavier snow showers move in later this afternoon than we would see the potential for snow accumulations over an inch. Most of the short-range data this morning is suggesting this outcome, so we will have to wait and see if this becomes a reality.

The National Weather Service also discusses this possibility, and say they could issue a Winter Weather Advisory later this afternoon if conditions are warranted.

As it stands right now, a Winter Weather Advisory has been issued for parts of norhtern Kentucky, which is shown below:


Ill be monitoring the latest information, and will have a new update out by early afternoon.

Corey HoukComment